Sometimes time stops.

The clock loses its pace and remains tied to the past with a fine thread and its takes you away and it brings you back and you lose yourself in the past until you return and you read.


It was October 10th when Christos Magklaras turned the prewar watermill in a small tavern.

Since then, established itself as a meeting place of the local community and more. Recreation place, of meeting and relaxation was the old watermill.

It hosted many celebrities of that time, who became friends with the owner Christos Maglaras.

Here sang Tsitsanis and played bouzouki Kaldaras.

Unforgettable times.

Then time insisted a change, so the place of the user took Dimitris Magklaras and put his own touches to the Watermill.


55 years past, and on 10 October 2013 called for John Pissa to continue the tradition, putting a modern twist to the unique, the beautiful and the eternal.

The old clock on the old Watermill began to turn, dancing in new rhythms and unique flavors that drags all along the old nostalgia.